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All About Gutters

We have extensive experience in gutter replacement, cleaning, and maintenance.

Poorly functioning gutter systems can pose great risks for homes and businesses alike. Gutter issues can lead to water pooling around the building, which can seep into the foundation and cause mold and even cause a collapse. Whatever the issue is, we’ve been there and done that. That’s why ROGUE roofing is your best, and most trusted choice for roofing and gutters.


We repair and replace gutters with little disruption.


Our arsenal of products is among the best on the market.


Our results are built to last – that’s the Rogue promise.


Each and every gutter is treated with the utmost care and attention.


We provide gutter cleaning, maintenance, installation, and repair services. We also customize seamless gutters.
Gutters provide protect for the foundation of your house or building from rainwater. If rainwater seeps inside the foundation, it can make your house collapse.
We replace the entire gutter system, including minor fascia repairs with with the installation or replacement of your gutter in North Carolina.
We install the whole system of gutters, gutter guards, fascias, downspouts and more.
Yes. Once our job is complete, we wait for it to rain before contacting you again to make sure that the gutters are working well, and you are satisfied with the results.
Gutters should be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the year. It also depends on how many trees are around your home, as leaves and debris can build up quickly in your gutters. It is important to clear these and prevent water damage to your home.
We clean all gutters. Once all cleaning jobs are complete, we collect all the trash, and dispose of it. We then inspect the gutters from top to bottom to ensure they are properly cleaned and are not clogged.
If your gutters are clogged, rusting, or broken, you should get a replacement. Clogged or leaky gutters cause basement leaks, mold and other foundation problems.
During rainfall, if you can hear the water hitting the ground or pouring over the sides of the gutter, there may be a blockage, or the gutter may not be evenly aligned.
Probably not, however your conventional gutter was designed to be cleaned regularly – so schedule regular cleaning with us.
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Fascia Gutters are given that name because they are a combination of both the gutter and the fascia itself. These are made to be seamless, and provide protection around the edge of the roof.
Simple. Rain gutters with no downspouts will not move water away from the roof or foundation of a building.
In most circumstances, gutter installation takes less than a day, but it does depend on the size and configuration of your building, in which case it can take longer.